West Virginia Memorial Day Weekend Ride 2008


Day 1:

We departed from Airway Plaza located at Airway Road and Woodman Drive in Dayton Ohio headed to Hawks Nest State Park in West Virginia. Our route was taking Route 35 East into West Virginia and picking up WV State Route 34 South to I-64 East. We traveled on I-64 East to WV Route 60 also known as the Midland Trail where we enjoyed the mountainess curvey roads taking us to Hawks Nest State Park. We spend the night in the Lodge enjoying dinner, fellowship and scenery.

Day 2:

Beginning with ride briefing at 8:45 AM in the Parking lot. We departed Hawks Nest State Park at 9:00 AM headed to White Sulfur Springs, WV where The Greenbrier Hotel and Bunker resides. Taking WV State Route 60 East (Midland Trail) we enjoyed the scenic ride. We arrived in at the Greenbrier around 11:00 AM. Some people took the Bunker Tour which took 90 minutes. Others Toured the Hotel which was a joy in itself. After our Tours we met back at Grandma's Restuarant on the Midland Trail for lunch. We departed Grandma's and headed West on I-64 to Lewisburg, WV where we picked up Route 219 North headed to Beartown State Park. Beartown State Park was another joy to tour and see all the rock formations. We didn't see any bears the day we were there. After departing Beartown we headed North again on Route 219 traveling across Droop Mountain and through Hillsboro, West Virginia (Dr. Patch Adams Hospital, Pearl S. Buck Birthplace). It was getting late so we decided to pick up State Route 39 to Summersville, West Virginia where we stayed at the Country Inns & Suites. There were numerous places to eat in walking distance of the hotel so we split up into two groups for dinner. Some enjoyed swimming before turning in for the night.

Day 3:

Beginning with ride briefing at 8:45 AM we depart South on State Route 19 to East on State Route 39. We traveled to our first stop Cranberry Nature Center where we had the opportunity of seeing live snakes and other wild life of the area. We departed taking State Route 39 back to State Route 219 South headed to Droop Mountain Battle Ground. We enjoyed taking pictures and climbing up the Civil War Tower. We then departed North on SR 219 enjoying the curvey road and turning East on to Public Road 21/4a taking us through Watoga State Park. Do to it being almost lunch time we didn't have time to stop but enjoyed traveling along the clear water streams and brooks. It was just beautiful. Some day we will go and spend a night in one of the cabins that was for rent along the road. Leaving the park we head for Huntersville, WV where we turn West on SR 39 traveling about a mile to turn North on SR 28 taking this all the way to Boyer, WV. At Boyer we had lunch at the Boyer Restuarant. The food was great along with the price. After lunch we head South on SR 28 to the Greenbank Radio Observatory. We didn't take a tour due to time but we still learned a lot about the Observatory. We departed again heading South on SR 28 we picked up SR 66 to Cass Railroad. We met up with other Ohio Chapters who traveled to Elkins, WV there. We spend some time talking and having what Goldwingers do best and that is eat Ice Cream. While there we had the opportunity to see the Locamotive arriving and departing for trip. We depart Cass on SR 66 West headed for Snowshoe Mountain. After enjoying the curves we finally arrived to head up the mountain to the "Top of the World" (Snowshoe Ski Resort). While there we enjoyed some music and refreshments. So watched the mountain bikers who were there that day. It was starting to get late and we needed to start heading back to Summersville to the Motel. We headed back down the mountain to SR 66 West to SR 219 South. We took SR 219 to the Scenic Highway or SR 150 traveling across the mountains back to SR 39 West. We arrived back to the motel and all went out to dinner. What a weekend.

Day 4:

Beginning with ride briefing at 8:15 AM we departed taking SR 19 North to I-79 South, I-64 West, SR 34 North, SR 35 West headed home. We stopped by Bob Evans Farm for lunch. It started to sprinkle so we suited up to chase off the rain. Back to SR 35 we hit some high winds around Washington Court House, Ohio. We got off the highway and traveled the rest of the way home.